Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the entry fee?
  • daily lunches
  • a competitor kit
  • a fully insured event with a comprehensive risk management plan
  • emergency response plan, including full attendance of 4 medical staff.
  • the time and efforts of a highly experienced organisational crew of 28 people

How do I know if my entry has been accepted?
Entries are finalised when both the on-line entry form and entry fee payment have been completed. An automatically generated email will confirm your entry submission and then a tax invoice/receipt will be emailed at the time of payment. It is the tax invoice/receipt that is your confirmation of a completed entry. If you don't receive these emails, check that the email address that you have provided in your on-line entry is correct. Check your Spam email. High security settings on some servers may block these automatically generated mass emails. If you have checked these and still can't find anything, please contact us via email for confirmation of your entry. BACK TO TOP

I'm coming to Wildside on my own. Is there any support available for transport and accommodation?
 Transport and Accommodation Packages are available to help competitors who come to the event without a support crew. This option includes pick-up from Launceston city, Launceston Aiport or Strahan (race finish) and return, with all accommodation and transport provided throughout the event. For more information see the Transport Support and Accommodation page.   BACK TO TOP

Can one of your crew drive my car for me each day?
For the 2016 event, we are offering a shuttle service that will reconnect drivers with their cars at the end of each day's racing. The shuttle service will be provided for people only, not bikes. It is an option that would also suit unsupported groups of riders. For more information see the Transport Shuttle page.   BACK TO TOP

What is the "Registered Support Crew" all about?
The Registered Support Crew option is a way of making your support crew's life easier  and making them feel more included in the event. By selecting this option, your crew will receive their own pack at registration, including the event t-shirt and suport crew notes. They will share the same buffet lunch each day with the competitors and become part of special random draw prizes for support crew. Given the remoteness of some of the lunchstops, many support crew find it easier to have access to the extensive lunch buffets provided for the event.  Special registered support crew packs are available for children. Please contact the organisers for more information. BACK TO TOP

Can I transfer my entry?
No. If you can no longer make it to the race, we will refund your entry fee as per the Conditions of Entry. Waitlisted entrants will be given preference in filling any available entry places. BACK TO TOP

How much mountain bike experience do I need?
Although the course is designed to cater for a range of abilities, you will need to have a reasonable level of experience, fitness and skill to complete the event safely and enjoy the experience. The experience necessary comes from regular off-road riding. Wildside MTB is not an event for the inexperienced. BACK TO TOP

What is a "reasonable" level of fitness?
Are you fit enough to ride 200km over 4 consecutive days, including some demanding off-road tracks? Regular exercise at moderate intensity over a period of time is needed to develop a reasonable level of fitness. The physical challenge of Wildside MTB should not be underestimated. BACK TO TOP

What should I do to train for Wildside MTB?
Start now! If you've been on the couch for a while, you should start gradually, building up to riding several times during the week for about 45 - 60 minutes at least. On weekends, try to get off–road and do longer rides up to 2 hours in length. Before the event, do some rides of up to 3 hours. Also try doing some shorter rides at a higher intensity. If possible, try to have some consecutive days of longer rides. When you are doing longer rides, try to establish how much fluid and food you need to keep performing at an optimum level.

How technically difficult is the course?
The course covers a wide range of terrain and tracks. The course is technical enough in places to provide some challenge for experienced riders but not so difficult that those of moderate ability will struggle. The most difficult sections are short and can be walked. BACK TO TOP

Will there be any mechanical support to fix my bike if I break something?
Yes. The event is supported by a crew of experienced bike mechanics. They will be at the end of most stages and will also have a mechanic riding as a sweep to help any riders in need out on the track. They will carry a range of spares, but if you have a high end bike you should bring your own spare parts, especially those prone to breakage such as deraileurs or hydraulic brake cables. BACK TO TOP

How demanding is the event on bikes?
Wildside MTB will test your bike. There's plenty of mud and water to accelerate wear and tear, and plenty of sticks to take out a deraileur if you're tired. Your shocks will also get a good work out. Many riders have found the event a lot harder on gear than they had anticipated. Ensure you bring the gear necessary to help clean up your bike at the end of each day and keep it lubricated. BACK TO TOP

What sort of tyres will I need?

“You will encounter a wide range of trail surfaces during the race. If you don’t have the luxury of bringing a selection of tyres for different conditions, then a good all-rounder like the Kenda Nevegal is the best choice. The Nevegal (pictured) is the ultimate light weight tyre for all conditions – loose or hard pack. Voted #1 tread pattern two years in a row by MOUNTAIN BIKE ACTION Magazine! The Nevegal’s deep aggressive knobs provide great grip in wet conditions and the casing allows them to be run at a low pressure without the fear of pinch flats.

For those who plan to bring more than one pair of tyres, Kenda offers a wide range of 26” and 29” tyres to suit all conditions, ranging from the fast rolling Small Block 8 to the super aggressive K.O.T (King Of Traction) which was developed with John Tomac to help you stay upright in the most slippery conditions.

Kenda tyres are available from your local AvantiPlus store or online at


What is the teams event?
Teams consist of three riders, with each rider still competing as an individual. The team time is calculated by adding together all of the stage times of the three riders to produce a final result. The winning team has the fastest total time from these three riders. The teams competition is designed to promote friendly rivalry amongst sponsored riders and the many groups of friends who enter Wildside. It is an additional way to promote your sponsors. There are different categories for teams - see the Entry Information page for more.  Prizes will only be awarded to teams at the final presentations. BACK TO TOP

Can I enter and treat the event as a tour rather than a race?
Wildside MTB is a race, but a race with a difference. In designing the event we have endeavoured to cater for a range of ability and experience and allow the opportunity for you to appreciate the spectacular environment and enjoy the experience. You don't have to race, but you will need to ride at a steady pace to ensure you complete each stage within the designated cut-off time. The cut-off times are in the interests of all competitors' safety and are achievable by any rider with a reasonable level of fitness and skill. BACK TO TOP

What is the weather like on the West Coast in January?
January and February are the warmest and driest months in Tasmania. Average maximum temperature for the West Coast of Tasmania is about 21 deg (C), with night time temperatures of about 10 deg (C). Tasmania, however, experiences an island climate, which means that all four seasons can arrive in one day. Temperatures can rise as high as 37 deg (C), or drop to below zero. Snow can fall at Cradle Mountain even in summer! The West Coast has high rainfall (which supports the incredible rainforests the race passes through). Come prepared for all weather.