Accommodation should be booked in the small towns listed below. Alternative small towns, all within 45 minutes drive, are suggested in brackets, below. Many competitors choose the option of staying for two nights at either Cradle Mt or Tullah and then staying for the remaining three nights in Strahan. Although this means driving up to 45 minutes between accommodation and race start/finishes, it provides the advantage of not having to pack up and shift gear each day.

24 Jan (Fri) - Cradle Mountain ( Tullah, Gowrie Park, Sheffield, Staverton)
25 Jan (Sat) - Tullah, Rosebery (Cradle Mountain)
26 Jan (Sun) - Zeehan (Strahan, Rosebery)
27 Jan (Mon) - Strahan
28 Jan (Tues) - Strahan - optional

Pure Tasmania
pure_tasmania_largePure Tasmania offer a range of accommodation options at special rates for Wildside competitors at Strahan. Many competitors chosse to stay for the first two nights at Cradle Mt and the following three nights at Strahan.
Strahan Village is located in the heart of Strahan on the Esplanade and is the major accommodation provider of the town offering accommodation to meet a range of needs.
Telephone 1800 420 155        

We strongly recommend that you book your accommodation early as the event occurs during peak tourist season for the West Coast and options are limited.