“Nuble” is not afraid of the future with Bayern Munich.

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Monaco on-loan goalkeeper Alexander Nuble insists he is still targeting Bayern Munich, although

The 25-year-old has not yet been given a chance. Great with Schalke until I had the opportunity to move to the “Southern Tigers” since the beginning of last year. But was given the opportunity to be only second hand after Manuel Neuer and played only four games until being released to Monaco in Ligue 1 on loan this season.

When asked about the situation and his future He replied:

“I moved to Bayern because they offered me the best career plan. Until now, I still had no doubts about those plans. I still have enough time left to play for Bayern,” Nuble told Kicker.

“I learned a lot from Manuel Neuer, his movement, his understanding of the game, his communication with the defenders. I compared his response in certain situations during training with myself. And see what I can study.”

“As a goalkeeper you always want to be on the pitch. But the coach will decide this. No goalkeeper would be willing to sacrifice his time on the pitch for someone else. I did not expect him to do that as well, “

” The image could not imagine it was back then did not play again, waiting to see if Manuel will take it further. (Renewing contract after 2023) and I will respond when the time is right. Now let me focus on Monaco first.”According to a report from ufabet.