basic self care When excreting, it hurts. prevent severe illness

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basic self care When excreting, it hurts. prevent severe illness

When taking it, it hurts often. Or have pain around the anus, need to take care of yourself early to prevent serious illness Become a chronic inflammatory wound self care with purulent abscesses. Which may be dangerous abscesses such as Kantha Sutra abscesses or hemorrhoids. There will way to take care of yourself in advance. That you can do yourself. And must done urgently because of illness in this area of ​​the body It really makes life UFABET.

Excretion is something that we have to do on a daily basis. If you can excrete normally will be happy If excretion is abnormal there will be suffering and will suffer even more If there is an illness that follows that is getting more serious From just soreness while excreting or starting to have polyps, granules, abscesses, abscesses, ruptures, and pus flows from the anus. or around the anus The danger may be fatal. If an infection enters the bloodstream.

Now I will know deeply that hell is real because walking, sitting, standing, lying down will hurt all the time. It’s not easy to heal yourself. if you’re not in the dormitory. home alone Because when wiping and cleaning the wound, it must be completely removed for ease of cleaning the wound. The more during the abscess Nong flows all the time, the more difficult it is. Out of tissues in a box. wipe the pus all day Where’s the fun? What I have told you is a direct self care experience. from the beginning and likely to disappear If you continue to take care of yourself like.

This It should take about 3 months in total, but if going to the doctor and performing surgery, the treatment will faster. The author is embarrassed by the doctor, so he treats himself. Which takes time. Anyone who is like the author can use this method. this pain for a long time

Preparing equipment for preliminary self-examination

When the symptoms are taken and painful. If it is several days in a row 1. Set up
a flashlight or place your mobile phone on the floor, turn on the flashlight, shine upward. straddle down

2. Use a floor-standing mirror. Available in stores, everything is 20 baht, placed to look at the anus hole, take a deeper look about 1.5-2 cm to check if there is a wound, protrusion, lump, granuloma or not so that you can quickly find a way to treat it early. 3.
Tissue Sheet type, convenient to use. In case of an abscess or pus flowing from the anus, use it to support the buttocks, but must wear underwear, focusing on getting fit, not letting the tissues move

Disorders in excretion that need immediate attention

When there is an abnormality with heavy excretion, you need to pay attention. The author is not a doctor. But what will be said here is an observation from an illness that occurs to oneself who does not take care of it from a slight injury. Let it become a big problem starting from
1. It hurts to take photos. Indicates that there is a wound in the mouth, anus. About 1.5 cm deep, each person is different. If it’s not long, after a day or two it disappears, don’t worry.

2. Symptoms become stronger Taken and it hurts Consecutively for several days, it means that there is a wound above the mouth, anal hole, you need to see a doctor or study self-treatment. There are many doctors and nurses who come to make a YouTube channel to educate. which many people follow can heal by himself