How to clean your ears safely

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Do you feel like your ears are clogged? Earwax helps protect your ears. However, excessive earwax buildup can make it harder to hear. Using a cotton swab is not a safe way to remove earwax. Here are our best tips for safely cleaning your girls’ ears. ทางเข้า

Clean the ears - using a damp cloth.

1)  Using a damp cloth

Do not put any objects in Come into the ear. Using cotton swabs to clean your ears may push the wax deeper into the ear canal. Women can use a cloth or paper towel moistened with warm water. After squeezing out the excess water You can then use a cloth to clean the outside of the ear.

Ear cleaning - traditional ear drops / mineral oil

(2)  Traditional Ear Drops / Mineral Oil

Ear drops can be purchase from pharmacies. These ear drops are a solution that softens and removes accumulated earwax. In general, Ear drops can contain mineral oil, baby oil, glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide. and carbamide peroxide Please follow the instructions to put a few drops into the ear, wait a moment, then the earwax will fall out of the ear.

Clean the ears - use a syringe.


(3)  Use a syringe.

A syringe can be used to irrigate the ear. Earwax can be gently washed out of the ear canal using warm water or warm saline, which is more effective if women. Use an earwax softener approximately 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing.

Wipe your ears safely