Idea to make money, make stickers for sale

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Idea to make money, make stickers for sale For those who like to draw, like to design

If you are skilled at painting logo design Letters or pictures of various symbols can create works in the form of small stickers, ideas, words, words, provocative messages, etc. to be attached to the car motorcycle or other materials for sale as another source of income

Examples of stickers in this manner are small stickers. That we may find at the end of the car Beside the motorcycle, beside the car body, the car mirror is not very large. It may be pictures, quotes, ideas, provocative messages, or group logos, club stickers, etc. 

The cost of making stickers

Some service providers print with a charge of 500 baht per square meter or may be cheaper. Which can be designed into small , such as about 5 * 5 cm, 5 * 10 cm, 5 * 15 cm or larger, if sold separately, it will be easier to sell separately. The calculation is 500 baht per square. If making small stickers, such as 5 by 5 cm, you will get about 400. If you sell 2 baht per piece, you will get about 800 baht. Profit is about 300 baht.

Illustrator design program letter logo

Letter design, ideas, quotes, interesting messages, logos, or various symbols. It is necessary to use a program like Illustrator for the designed file. It can be saved as a graphic file which can be opened and edited later. by the design made before and take pictures to post for sale printing part It will be printed only when there is an order, no sound, no need to invest first. includes beautiful fonts. for stickers

Sticker design, quotes, ideas, symbols that look interesting. You can download the beautiful pattern, art pattern, or strange pattern at this website.

marketing guidelines

sale of stickers May sell through their own storefront by putting in plastic envelopes. Pack it properly, otherwise it will definitely be crumpled. from customer picking selection
another way in selling. If looking for a sales agent such as making stickers for motorcycles You need to find a sales representative who sells motorcycle accessories.
Finding a sales agent through facebook in this case may help wholesale a lot of by designing several sets. When ordering, print and send to customers according to each order. No need to stock products to waste money.
Some people sell through Lazada. There are many distribution channels. Less risk for some types of stickers. because it will be printed only when ordering

simple stickers and reflective

There many types. both normal and general and a reflective style which teenagers will like each other more If focusing on the youth market must use like this but the price is higher

Sticker design for a specific product

Sticker design for specific products or certain products May get a higher price, more expensive, such as sticker design For motorcycles. Which some models do not have a sticker, in this case there is a chance to make more money at UFABET.