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From collecting data from millions of customer reviews. to recognize partners in 2203 countries and destinations around the world Including many accommodations in Thailand by the province of “Krabi” that is known as the emerald of the Andaman. Ranked as the most welcoming province in Thailand with a warm and friendly welcome service Follow by UFABET. Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Nakhon Ratchasima respectively. .

The ranking compiles data and ranks all 12,969 accommodations in Thailand that have qualified for the selection criteria and won the Traveler Review Award 2023 for global rankings. This year has compiled data from over 232 million reviews, with accommodation that qualified and award-winning ranked based on over 146.8 million reviews. All award-winning properties have an average review score of 8.6 out of over 1.8 million reviews.

Thailand’s Best Welcoming Destinations 2023

Both nature and pure beauty to the spectacularly beautiful coastline and the iconic islands that make it a traveler’s vacation paradise. Revealed the top provinces and destinations. That are most welcoming to visitors in Thailand*, ranking them with the highest proportion of accommodations. Received the most Traveler Review Award 2023 in the country. Travelers are impressed with the warm welcome, friendliness and cleanliness. This is a factor that Thai travelers pay attention to when deciding where to stay.

The most welcoming provinces in Thailand:

1.Krabi Province

2. Trat Province

3. Chiang Rai Province

4. Chiang Mai Province

5. Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Ms. Michelle Gao, Regional Manager Greater Mekong Region, shared her impressions of this year’s winners. “During the past year The tourism industry is still in demand and able to adapt to every situation. Even in the face of constant uncertainty and travel restrictions. This demonstrates the commitment and dedication of our partners in Thailand and around the world to provide a safe and friendly travel experience for everyone on the planet. with hopes for the future of travel That’s why it’s our intention to compile and publish the Traveler Review Award to recognize the excellent service our partners consistently strive to provide to travelers. And thank you for their contributions to the revitalization of the tourism industry.”

Thai travelers still love staying in hotels.

Although the apartment remains the number one most awarded accommodation category as ranked by the Traveler Review Awards 2022 and occupies the position for the fifth consecutive year among global travelers. But in Thailand, the most popular type of accommodation this year was hotels, with a total of 3,541 winners in 2022, while villas, apartments and other unique places to stay followed in popularity. There were a total of 4,213 winners in the alternative accommodation category. 

The welcoming and friendly staff make a difference.

Delving into the opinions of Thai and global travelers, we found that what they value most. When deciding to stay are staff service, cleanliness, location and comfort. These attributes received the highest average ratings from global travelers. Rather than evaluating other aspects such as facilities. or value for money This shows that travelers still want to experience great stays. That comes with a friendly welcome during the stay. and is also strict with cleanliness and hygiene Especially during the COVID-19 epidemic. happening around the world