Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Facial Skin

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following the correct facial skin care method is an important factor that helps prevent skin problems such as acne, dry skin, and darkened skin, as well as helping to slow down the deterioration of the skin according to age. However, because there are many products on the market, As a result, many people are not sure how to choose products that are suitable for their skin type.

In fact, maintaining healthy facial skin does not require expensive products or complicated steps. You just need to understand your skin type and take care of your skin properly with a few simple steps. This can help you have smooth, clear skin. It also saves money and time. ทางเข้า ufabet

Simple ways to take care of your facial skin that you can do every day.

How to take care of your facial skin starts with understanding your skin condition.

Each person’s skin condition is different. Understanding your skin type will help you choose the right products for your skin problems. The skin condition is divided into 5 types as follows:

Normal skin

Normal skin is the ideal skin for many people. Because people with normal skin usually don’t have any special skin problems. The skin is balanced. Has a slight shine Not too dry or oily. It has a smooth appearance and you can barely see the pores. and is not easily irritated

dry skin 

Dry skin is skin that is dry, rough, and lacks elasticity. and the pores can be seen quite clearly People with dry skin tend to wrinkle more easily than people with other skin conditions. If the skin is very dry, it can cause redness on the skin and cause the skin to peel and become flaky.

Oily skin 

Oily skin is skin that has more oil on its surface than other skin conditions. This is because the sebaceous glands under the skin produce an abnormal amount of oil. This causes the facial skin to appear greasy, large pores, and various types of acne can easily occur. If you live in hot weather, it will make your facial skin even more oily.

Combination skin

Combination Skin is skin that has a combination of dry or normal skin and oily skin. Most often, they have dry skin on their cheeks and oily skin in their T-zone, which means their forehead, nose, and chin, which makes skin care more difficult than people with other skin types. Because each area of ​​the skin has problems that require different care. In areas with dry skin, you may feel dry and tight. Red and flaky skin As for areas with oily skin, it will look shiny. You can see large pores and acne.

Sensitive skin 

People with sensitive skin often feel irritated by chemicals mixed in skin care creams and cosmetics. When exposed to the substance, it causes itching and burning of the skin. The skin turns red At times, it can cause the skin to dry out and peel and develop blisters or rashes. Therefore, you should avoid using products that contain substances that cause irritation.