Bayern Munich aims to bring in Chelsea players to strengthen

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Bayern Munich aims to bring in Chelsea players to strengthen their team this summer.

  • Bayern Munich is preparing to open negotiations with Chelsea to buy Levi Colville.
  • Colville’s contract with Chelsea still runs until 2029, but the Blues may be willing to sell to raise funds to buy a player.
  • Meanwhile, Bayern have reached a verbal agreement with Jonathan Tah.

Bayern Munich is preparing to open a negotiation table with Chelsea in order to ask for rising star centre-back Levi Colville to join the team. The Tigers, under the management of new coach Vincent Kompany, are planning to operate the team after losing the Bundesliga championship last season to Bayer Leverkusen in a landslide. There is also news.

That a verbal agreement has been made with Jonathan Tah, the strongest defender of the drugstore team, has already been completed.

Levi Colville is consider a young defender worth ยูฟ่าเบท keeping an eye on. Because during the time he went out on loan with Huddersfield Town and Brighton. He has shown excellent form for both clubs. Including When he returned to play for his parent team, Chelsea, Colville was able to seize the starting place until he suffered an injury at the end of last season.

Levi Colville’s contract with Chelsea still runs until 2029.

However the Blues may have to seriously consider selling the defender in order to raise money to fund transfers in the coming transfer window. Colville, the club’s youngster, will also help to significantly improve the club’s financial position.

Jonathan Tah, on the other hand, seems to have made considerable progress in negotiations.

There are news reports that Tah has submitted his intention to transfer to Bayer Leverkusen. It’s finish. After successfully leading the team to an undefeated league championship last season, however, the drugstore team may not want to lose him to a rival team in the league.

If you remember, Bayern Munich and Chelsea have previously link with Callum Hudson-Odoi. Which time the young English winger was valued. The figure is as high as around 60 million pounds. But in the end, Chelsea decided to keep him until the source of the large sum of money. That later disappeared because Hudson-Odoi was unable show his potential as much as was expected. Until finally having to disintegrate from the team, Chelsea should have learned a lesson from the failed deal.