Benjamin Zesco future has been decided after Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea pursue him

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Benjamin Zesco future has been decided after Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea pursue him

  • Romano confirms Benjamin Zesco will not leave this season.
  • RB Leipzig will offer Zesco a new contract which includes a future transfer option.
  • Three big Premier League teams may turn their attention to Osimhen, Isak, and Toney again.

Benjamin Sesco has decided to stay and continue his development at RB Leipzig next season. After being link with three big Premier League teams like โปรโมชั่น ufabet Arsenal , Chelsea , and Manchester United in recent times The additional details are that the 21-year-old star will receive a new contract with an increased salary in line with his good performance last season. There will also option to release next season, similar to the last year of Erling Haaland’s contract with Dortmund.

It looks like there will be heartbreak for the three giants of English football, as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United all took the time to woo Benjamin Zesko. For quite a long time, from his brilliant playing form with the performance of scoring 14 goals in the first season of the German Bundesliga. This young striker was expected regular striker in the Premier League. Can’t deny

Previously, he still had a release clause in his contract of around 55 million pounds.

Which was not an amount that was too far out of reach. However, Zesco chose to request his own development for another season. Then he can decide where his next goal will be. It is believe that if he continues to maintain his form and develop his skills, teams will definitely woo him again.

With Benjamin Zesko making it clear that he will not leave this season, Arsenal and Manchester United will have to fight for Joshua Cerci. Bologna’s 23-year-old rising striker instead, including Chelsea, who previously had news with Julian Alvarez, must keep an eye on whether the Blues will be willing to spend money. Huge price to grab him to join the team or not? Or will the three clubs turn their attention back to Victor Osimhen, Alexander Isak, and Ivan Toney? Previously, the rumors had begun to subside somewhat.