Bonucci denies taking charge of the penalty shootout for George.

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Leonardo Bonucci, captain of the Italian national team Confirming that he will not take the penalty for Jorginho, who missed three consecutive times

Jorginho is heavily criticized after the Azzurri missed three consecutive penalties. 2 out of 3 times were against Switzerland. And it’s a game opportunity that may allow them to win both games,

although previously there was a current demand for team captains like Bonucci to take up this role instead. But he himself denied the matter.

Leonardo Bonucci insists Jorginho will remain the first-choice Italy penalty taker against Northern Ireland.

And determination after winning UEFA EURO 2020.

It kicks off on Monday in Belfast at 19.45 GMT.

The Azzurri are joint leaders of the group with Switzerland, ahead only on goal difference, after the 1-1 draw at the Olimpico.

It would’ve been an Italy victory had Jorginho not blasted. His last-minute penalty over the bar.

That was his third consecutive error from the spot for Italy, including shoot-outs, and many are now calling for the Chelsea midfielder to leave penalties to Bonucci.

“I was the first to comfort him because I was right there,” Bonucci said.

“I was the first to console Jorginho because I just happened to be there,” said Bonucci in his press conference.

“He has taken so many penalties over his career, including very important ones. A mistake can happen to everyone and I will not be the penalty taker tomorrow.

“He’s scored a lot of penalties throughout his career, including some important ones.”

“Mistakes happen. With everyone and I will not take the penalty in tomorrow’s game. We will decide for ourselves when to change.”