Dyche supports DCL to stop poor form

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Everton manager Sean Dyche sends encouragement to Dominic Calvert-Lewin keep working hard To put an end to poor form After spearheading this team The target was blind again in the opening game of Aston Villa 0-0 last weekend.

Calvert-Lewin Real starter Then in the first half there was a chance to finish the score. But failed to pass save Emiliano Martinez before being substituted in the 63rd minute to be replaced by Beto, his

performance in the latest match. As a result, the 26-year-old English striker has scored just one goal in his last 16 appearances, with the latest being the one that produced the score. Must go back to October, the game won 1-0 against West Ham. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“In the first half we had many important moments. And if it’s a door The game changes immediately,” Dyche said in an interview after the match at Goodison Park.

“I always talk to and encourage Dominic. Today he was close because he did everything right in the finishing touch. But the opponent’s goal saved well.”

“Of course statistics affect you too. But when I was a defender I would feel more worried. When facing a striker who hasn’t shot in a long time ′′

Dominic must run a lot with dedication. And continue to work hard like this I hope he’s not worried about the noise from outside.”

Even though they couldn’t score at home, But the draw resulted in the “Toffees” 1 point away from Luton Town in the relegation zone and Dyche is still satisfied with the overall form.

“We have an appetite. and was so dedicated that he was able to keep a clean sheet against a top competitor. I am satisfied with the results. In the sense that throughout the last several seasons We often lose games like this.”