“Enrique” relieved to take “Bull” to go to the World Cup

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Luis Enrique admitted he felt relieved after leading Spain to qualify for the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar.

On Sunday night, “The fierce bull” opened the house to determine the fate of the final match in the European qualifiers, Group B. They only ask for a draw against Sweden that will guarantee them to play in the final immediately.

The game was a bit awkward and the Swedish side went on to fight well. But in the end, Spain scored the winning goal from substitute Alvaro Morata in the 86th minute,

finishing the game 1-0 and winning the group, qualifying for Qatar. While Sweden were heartbroken and had to continue their play-offs

after the game, Enrique said: “I felt like I had dropped my 100 kg bag. Qualifying (World Cup) felt more pressure than in the Euros or in the quarter-finals. of the Nations League”

“Release the heavy burden from your shoulders. Now I have to focus on preparing the team well for the World Cup. And I know that if I don’t win the championship The coach will be the one who will be criticized,” he said.

Spain have qualified for the World Cup for the 12th time in a row, since 1978 in Argentina. They didn’t miss out on any qualifying rounds.