Gabby points out that “Kino” Bully “Maguire” on goal celebration

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Gabriel Agbonlahor views Roy Keane stalking former Ireland midfielder Harry Maguire after criticizing England defender’s celebration of

Maguire’s one goal in the game. “Roaring Lions” defeated Albania with a score of 5-0 a few days ago. By this defender celebrated the goal by putting his hands on his ears.

That led to him being criticized by Keane, saying he shouldn’t be celebrating in such a manner. After a poor performance at Manchester United in the latter part,

however, Agbonlahore took a stand on the matter, pointing out that Keane should back Maguire rather than pursue him.

“I’ve seen Roy Keane’s quote and video and I think Roy Keane is acting like a thug,” he told talkSPORT

. heavy I’m not very good at performing at Manchester United.”

“This was a game where he had the chance to prove himself to be a great centre-half, yes, it was against Albania, but he did a good job. he scores a goal It was an exciting goal and he was celebrating

. I would celebrate the same way, covering my ears to signal to the critics. ‘I will try to prove myself with a performance’, which he did

. Now every time he could do something It’s as if people are on the opposite side of him

. But he is probably our best centre-half. Let’s support each other. Don’t just try to criticize him.