“Lippi” pointed out that the league this year is competing with 3 teams

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Marcelo Lippi, former Italy national team coach The Scudetto is seen this season as a championship between AC Milan, Napoli and Inter, while Juventus should focus on winning the Champions League instead.

Serie A has been in 12 games this season, with Azzura occupying the top of the crowd with 32 points. Equal to second-placed “Red Devils”, but the goal difference is better than third-placed “Python”.

According to several miles, behind seven points

as the “zebra”, which started the season was not much better, only ranked eighth with 18 points, only

Lippi that the league’s macaroni season. This is a competition between the three teams at the top of the table, with Juventus should focus on the European Cup better than

Simone Inzaghi’s men missed out on the chance to reduce the deficit when they drew 1-1 against the Rossoneri last Sunday, but they will be able to potentially take points off of the Partenopei in their first match back from the international break.

Even if the result against Napoli this Sunday does not go Inter’s way, however, they still have the quality to go all the way, in Lippi’s view.

“Milan and Napoli have started the season very well. But they have to be careful with Inter.

“I don’t know anything about Juventus, but they might have to look at the situation and decide to focus on the Champions League instead,”

he said. Yaa, as long as they can win the Champions League.”