Nani confident Ronaldo thinks it’s right to return to old place

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Ex-Manchester United winger Louis Nani insists there is no better place for Cristiano Ronaldo than Old Trafford and he was the first to convince Bruno Fair. Nandes chose to move to play for the Red Devils.

The 34-year-old Portuguese star plays for Orlando City in the US Major Leagues, but in the past has traveled to Red Devils for eight years, around the same time as Ronaldo. Before moving to Real Madrid,

Nani told The Athletic that he was a fan of the Red Devils. And the return to play for the team again Ronaldo Made him feel nostalgic for his old days at Old Trafford.

When asked about his backing as a Red Devils fan, Nani replied: “Always,”

“If I don’t have games I have to play in time. Same.. of course It is very special now that Cristiano Ronaldo is back there.”

“Of course, when you watch the news saw his situation with Juventus You immediately imagined that There’s nothing better than coming back here again “

” I know that the news will come true. I’m not surprised.

It is great to see and remember the good times, “

also revealed that Nani. He played a big part in helping Bruno Fernandes gain confidence before making the decision to join United. After the pair were friends since I moved back to play for Sporting Lisbon second round

, “I am the first to say that he should move to England. and if you decide to move there should choose Manchester United It’s the best thing for him,” Nani said.

“It’s very funny. Because about a few months later, when I moved to Orlando, I saw the news, so I texted him. Because I saw Man City, Man United and Spurs vying for contracts. I told him “If you have to go You choose Man United, it’s the best.”According to a report from ufabet.