“Supercom” predicts the favorites chances of winning the championship

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Supercom” predicts the favorites and the chances of winning the championship of each nation in Euro 2024.

  • Euro 2024 will open on Friday, June 14th.
  • Italy is the defending champion of Euro 2020.
  • Intelligent AI from Opta comes out to analyze and predict the winner of this tournament.

Euro 2024 is close to starting to be play. Football fans are expecting this to be a fun and fierce tournament like the previous 2022 World Cup.

Of course, each media outlet has their favorite team that is expected to lift the European Cup in the middle of this year. There will be 6-7 nations ทางเข้า ufabet that many people talk about and cite as favorites, whether it’s France or England. Portugal, Germany, Spain, Netherlands or Italy, former champions in 2020.

There are also teams outside of the spotlight that are usually the underdogs of the program that are ready to surprise the giants like Greece did in winning the championship in 2004.

Today we would like to bring the results of the calculations of the supercomputer from Opta, a famous statistics organization that uses intelligent AI to calculate the chances of winning the championship of each nation for fans to see.

“Supercom” predicts the chances of winning Euro 2024.

If anyone is a big fan of England national team You might feel a little more encouraged because Opta calculated that the roaring lion army Is one of the favorites with the highest chance of winning this title at a 19.9% ​​chance.

While the second favorite with an almost equal chance of winning is France at 19.1%, plus the AI ​​has calculated that Kylian Mbappe and friends will have a chance of reaching the finals as high as 30.4%. quite

The third favorite this time is the host Germany. Who will probably have a tax on playing in their own home stadium. Although the strength may question quite a bit. But with the standard of Iron Eagle Team Causing them analyzed as having a chance of becoming champions at 12.4%.

The Spanish side came in as the fourth favorite at 9.6%, follow by Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal. Which was raise as the fifth favorite with a 9.2% chance of winning. Follow by the Netherlands with 5.1% and Italy, the former champions. %