“Vecino” is not happy Prepare to discuss snakes to find a way out.

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Inter Milan midfielder Matias Vecino is set to hold talks with the club to find a solution for all parties. After the news began to have fewer opportunities to field for the team,

The 30-year-old left his contract with the team for the last year and began to have fewer opportunities. 

This year, the News has started as a real team to only 2 out of 10 games on the field. While with the Uruguay national team He continued to be the main character.

With the national team I have always had the opportunity to play, I have always had continuity. It is clear that this gives you a lot of confidence, it allows you to show your maximum potential and your best,” Vecino stated.

“In football there are moments, we go through different situations this case at Inter. In recent months, I am experiencing a situation that I was not expecting at the beginning. Of the season, according to what was established after speaking with the club.”

Last player himself admitted that he tried to find a solution on this issue with the club

, “Inter I was in a situation that was not expected, like when I talk to the club and the coach at the beginning of the season,” West Chino. said,

“It is clear that if it continues like this We need to come together and find a suitable solution that respects all parties.”